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Express Quick Dry Wood Glue

Features and Benefits

Express Quick Dry Wood Glue

LePage® Express Quick Dry Wood Glue is specially formulated for carpentry and cabinet making.

It dries to a tough, high strength, humidity resistant bond. A quick dry time of only 10 minutes makes it ideal for complex, multi-piece wood assemblies. The 400 mL size of LePage Express Quick Dry Wood Glue is available in the convenient Easy Flow Bottle. The Easy Flow System™ features include: an extended nozzle for precise application and flow control, a tapered nozzle ideal for biscuit joint applications, a re-sealable airtight cap with built-in tip holder and a wide neck for easy refilling. The bottle is easy to squeeze with its flat side and non-slip grip. There are also extra sealant threads for adding extra long sealant nozzles.

  • Dries in 10 minutes
  • High bond strength for strengths up to 3500 psi
  • Dries translucent yellow
  • Sandable for easy removal once cured
  • Paintable
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