Key Facts


LePage PL 9000 is a versatile premium grade solvent-based adhesive for more demanding construction jobs. Provides a professional strength bond with extremely high initial grab. It is tough, long lasting and moisture resistant. Saves time and labour by minimizing nailing. Bridges irregularities on uneven surfaces. Recommended for projects where support is difficult. For indoor and outdoor use. 

Product Features:

  • Water Resistant
  • Interior/Exterior
  • High Grab Minimizes Nailing Requirements
  • Gap Filling

Recommended For:

PL 9000 bonds to a large variety of building materials including wood, concrete, brick, drywall, metal, fiberglass panel, wallboard, most hard plastics, foam board, polystyrene, mirror tile and cork. Use for installing metal and wood studs or strapping to concrete, wood furring strips to concrete floors for carpet installation, mounting paneling, and vinyl cove base.

For Best Results:

  • Do not use for continuously wet areas or water immersion
  • Do not use on polyethylene or polypropylene


295 ml



Clean Up:

Clean tools and adhesive residue immediately with mineral spirits. Cured adhesive may be carefully cut away with a sharp-edged tool.