Key Facts


LePage PL 700 Tub Surround Adhesive has been specifically designed to bond most bathroom and shower enclosures. It is unaffected by moisture, steam, water, heat or cold when fully cured. PL 700 will not harm tub kit materials if used as directed. 

Product Features:

  • High Grab Facilitates Easy Installation of Tub Surround Panels
  • 10 Minute Repositioning Time Allows for Correction of Misaligned Panels
  • Gap-Filling Capabilities
  • Will Not Etch or Burn Through Materials if Used as Directed

Recommended For:

LePage PL 700 bonds most plastic (polystyrene, acrylic, ABS), and fiberglass bathroom and shower enclosures to waterproof drywall, cement board, wood, Barker Board/Tile™ and ceramic tile. 

For Best Results

  • Adhesive not suitable for trowel application
  • Do not use adhesive on tub surrounds of 50 thousandths of an inch thickness or less
  • Not recommended for use on unsanded ceramic tile or Barker Tile™
  • Not to be used for gluing plastic bathroom accessories, such as shelves and soap dishes, to tub surrounds or tile
  • Adhesive should only be applied to flat sections of surround. Do not apply adhesive to curved or bent areas
  • Do not use adhesive to bond overlapped sections of tub / shower surround


295 ml



Clean Up:

Clean tools immediately with Mineral Spirits. Clean the surface of the tub enclosure immediately with alcohol. Cured adhesive may be carefully cut away with a sharp-edged tool. Baby oil can help in this process.