Key Facts


LePage® QUAD® Foam Sealant is a single component, minimal expansion and low pressure polyurethane foam packaged in a pressurized metal container. It is dispensed in bead form for sealing gaps and cracks, holes and voids around windows and doors, in most types of construction projects. The product exhibits slight to moderate expansion during application and cures upon reaction with moisture to form a flexible, urethane foam. The closed cell structure of this material provides an R factor of 5 per inch of cured foam making it an efficient method for stopping air and moisture infiltration and expensive warm and cold air loss between windows and rough frame. QUAD® Foam Sealant will not warp or deform windows and doors. QUAD® Foam Sealant adheres to all types of building materials including wood, concrete, and drywall and is compatible with asphalt and butyl flexible flashing.  

Product Features:

  • Low foam pressure / expansion. Will not warp or deform windows and doors
  • Can be cut or trimmed in less than 1 hour
  • Closed cell foam structure will not absorb moisture; Provides an R factor
    of 5 per inch of cured foam
  • Remains flexible and will not crack out over time
  • Part of a complete Window Installation System
  • GreenGuard® Certified for Children and

Recommended For:

LePage® QUAD® Foam is part of the QUAD Window & Door System and is used to insulate and seal around windows and door frames. It can also be used for jambs, mud sills, header joints, corner joints, top plate penetrations, electrical and plumbing penetrations and other areas where air infiltration or heat loss may occur.  

For Best Results:

  • LePage® QUAD® Foam is not a fire stopping material and SHOULD NOT be used in areas that require fireproof or fire stopping materials.
  • Urethane foams are adversely affected by sunlight (Ultraviolet light). Exposed foam must be coated with a protective covering or coating.


598 g 



Clean Up:

Clean tools and uncured product residue immediately with Acetone. Acetone is flammable – follow manufacturer’s recommendations for safe use. Cured foam is not affected by solvents and is extremely difficult to remove.