Key Facts


LePage® Polyfilla® Brickfix® Brick Mortar Filler is a superior quality re-pointing compound designed to repair displaced mortar or fill cracks between brickwork. It is specially formulated to be durable, weather resistant and fast curing. 

Product Features:

  • Weather resistant resulting in long outdoor life
  • Low odour for safe indoor use
  • Fast curing to prevent reworking due to the washing away of uncured product

Recommended For:

Repair displaced mortar or fill cracks between exterior brickwork. Can also be used for interior non-structural mortar work around imitation brick.  

For Best Results:

  • Cementing bricks together
  • Use as a structural adhesive
  • Do not use if rain or freezing temperature is forecasted within 12 hours
  • High temperature applications i.e. inside fireplace or chimney


300 mL 



Clean Up:

Clean hands and adhesive residue immediately with soapy water. Cured adhesive may be cut away with caution using a sharp blade.