Key Facts


LePage® Polyfilla® Wall Paint Preparation is a ready to use, extra fine patching compound for repairing surface damage to interior walls. Ideal for smoothing surface imperfections and filling shallow cracks and holes. The creamy, off-white paste spreads easily, dries fast and sands to a super fine finish that is smooth, hard and dent resistant. It has low odour and wet filler can be easily cleaned with water. Polyfilla® Wall Paint Preparation is also paintable and sandable once fully dry.  

Product Features:

  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Paintable and sandable to blend with surroundings
  • Quick drying for rapid completion of repairs
  • Non-sagging, easy to apply
  • Water clean-up, no harsh cleaning chemicals required

Recommended For:

  • Use on interior wood, drywall, wallboard and plaster
  • Fills shallow cracks and holes, smoothes wood grain, covers hammer marks and fills over nail and screw heads

For Best Results:

  • Not for use on Exterior applications
  • Avoid contact with moisture or water
  • Not for filling large, deep holes
  • Repairs subject to movement or requiring flexibility


  • Plastic Tub 300 mL
  • Plastic Tub 900 mL
  • Plastic Pail 2.7 L 



Clean Up:

Clean hands and tools immediately with water. Cured filler may be sanded.