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Polyfilla® Wall & Ceiling Texturing

Features and Benefits

Polyfilla® Wall & Ceiling Texturing

LePage® Polyfilla® Wall & Ceiling Texturing is a ready-mixed, vinyl based texture-restoring compound for decorating interior ceilings and walls.

It is ultra white and blends with existing stippled ceiling textures, creating an almost invisible repair. Excellent for repairing ceilings originally coated with texturing. Gives a professional looking stipple texture by simply painting or rolling on. Alternatively, unlimited patterns can be achieved with a variety of tools. Polyfilla Wall & Ceiling Texturing can also be pre-tinted or painted over when fully dried.

  • Ultra white for a clean fresh look
  • Ready-to-use, no mixing required
  • Soap and water clean-up, no harsh cleaning chemicals required
  • Variety of application techniques for an unlimited decorative finishes
  • Texturing as easy as painting to apply
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