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Interior / Exterior Wood Filler

Features and Benefits

Interior / Exterior Wood Filler

LePage Interior/Exterior Wood Filler is a quality synthetic latex wood filler for cracks, holes and surface imperfections.

It is a smooth, buttery paste that spreads and feathers easily and dries to match most light coloured wood. Interior/Exterior Wood Filler can be sanded, stained, painted, varnished, drilled, nailed and screwed. It will not shrink or crack up to an 18 mm (3/4”) application. Interior/Exterior Wood Filler has a low odour and wet product can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It is weatherproof and mould and mildew resistant.

  • Weatherproof for All-Season Durability
  • Tan Color Blends with Most Light Colored Wood
  • Water and Crack Resistant
  • Can be Screwed, Nailed or Sanded
  • Can be Painted, Stained or Varnished to Blend with Surroundings
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