Choosing the Best Adhesives for Your Exterior Construction

There are many important things to consider when choosing the best adhesive for exterior construction. You must be sure of your surface type, drying time, strength, and application techniques as they have everything to do with finding the best exterior construction adhesive for your task.

What to consider when choosing the best adhesives for exterior construction:

Surface Type

Adhesives work on a molecular level when bonding construction material. Since different surfaces have different make ups, they can and will each bond differently. For example, what you use for cement may not to be as effective when used on plastic or wood. 


The ideal adhesive for a wide variety of surfaces should not damage or alter your surface properties. For the most common construction materials, the PL® Premium® Construction Adhesive is a great option. It is also three times stronger than ordinary construction adhesives and more flexible with your conventional construction surfaces. 

Drying time

Drying and curing times vary with different types of adhesives. The curing process is when the full strength of your adhesive is maximized. The liquid carrier component of adhesives evaporates after application, allowing your construction materials to begin their bonding.  

A dry construction adhesive does not necessarily man that drying and curing has already taken place. The adhesive needs to crystallize, and this is when the actual curing takes place.  

When working on a time-sensitive project, you need a fast-drying construction adhesive. PL® Premium® Fast Grab™ Construction Adhesive has a high initial tack that holds onto objects quickly and reduces the need for bracing, even on vertical surfaces. This versatile construction adhesive can be used for indoor and outdoor projects and is water resistant for work in humid areas. 


Another factor to consider in choosing the best construction adhesive is strength. The strength of a bond is measured by its lap shear and peel strength. The lap shear strength is your adhesive’s ability to withstand stress when the glue moves laterally or sideways to the repaired material. Peel strength measures adhesive strength under perpendicular, or pressure when positioned upright. 

A construction adhesive that can bond permanently does not necessarily mean it will not fall apart when subject to extreme pressure or environmental factors. In cases like this, it is recommended to use LePage PL® Premium® Max. This is our strongest, most durable construction adhesive that remains 100% solid after fully curing in 24 hours. Ideal for most interior or exterior projects where long-term strength and durability are necessary, this adhesive also has a 20-minute repositioning time to ensure a precise bond. This high-strength construction adhesive is waterproof and can be applied to wet and frozen surfaces in both cold (down to -12° C) and hot (49° C) temperatures. 


Construction adhesives are not like simple art glues that can be washed or rubbed off easily when they get on your skin. The most vital thing to do is check the directions for the manufacturer’s best recommended application practices. 

If you’re looking for something quick, clean, and easy to use, the LePage No More Nails® Heavy Duty is a high strength latex construction adhesive best used to reduce the need for bracing and fasteners. Simply apply with a caulking gun, and it is repositionable for up to 15 minutes and fully cures in 12 hours. While it is both weather resistant and paintable, this adhesive has an exceptionally low odor and requires only soap and water to clean up, making it safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly. 

LePage’s signature No More Nails is a line of premium instant grab construction adhesives, available in liquids and tapes. Find out which of our 10 No More Nails superior hold and durable bond products is best for your project. 

Whether you are doing construction for the exterior of your home or other building types, it is highly recommended to look for optimum quality adhesives. Long-lasting and strong bonds do not only help to guarantee safety, but save from costly re-construction as well.