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Brick Adhesives: Right for every brick

Brick adhesives help you to keep your home safe and secure. Bricks are not only vital for aesthetic appeal, but they play an important role in the structural integrity of any DIY project. So, you’ll want an adhesive for bricks that works.

Safe and secure: brick adhesives that work

You want all your DIY brick projects to be perfect. Since bricks are great for aesthetic appeal and provide secure structures, you need to be sure that they are fastened securely. Using the best brick adhesives will give you peace of mind, knowing that your projects will last for years to come.

The proper way to work with brick adhesives

Before you begin: All the surfaces need to be clean and ready for masonry. Be sure all your materials are properly fitted before you begin.

Safety: Using an interior or exterior brick adhesive requires safe handling. Make sure you wear working gloves, and don’t forget to wash up when finished.

Temperature: If you have any doubts about the correct working temperature, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. That way, you can learn the best conditions for storing your adhesive.

Getting to work: Make sure the nozzle is cut to the specified size. Smear the brick adhesive on the surface that will be bonded. How much glue you need depends on the size of the surface that you are bonding. Be sure to be quick with this application so that you can get the exact bond you want before the glue dries. Refer to the product specifications for drying times.

Holding in place: Depending on what you are building, you may need to make sure that the bricks are supported while waiting for the adhesive to cure. Some outside help to keep your bricks safe from both natural and human-made elements may be required. Check the product specifications for additional information.

Finishing: As you finish your DIY project, be sure that your tools and materials are picked up and washed properly. Quickly wash away any glue that gets on your tools.

Types of glue for bricks

Making sure you have the right brick adhesive is critical to the success of your project. There are a lot of factors that can go into your decision. Follow these steps when choosing your adhesive.

  1. Basic brick adhesive: Otherwise known as standard grade or basic brick adhesive, this type is ideal for making repairs on smaller projects. The bricks need to be clean, free of loose debris, and dry before application. 
  2. Wet brick adhesive: Sometimes, the conditions aren’t optimal for basic brick glue. If you are working in the spring or with wet bricks, you want an adhesive that is designed for wet bonding materials. 
  3. Flexible brick glue: When the temperatures are either freezing or starting to thaw, this glue will withstand without breaking or cracking.
  4. Foam glue: There are some types of brick adhesives that foam when you apply them. This allows for spacing between bricks. Others come in colour variations to match with your bricks.  


Pick the best adhesive glue for bricks

The conditions that your brick structures are subjected to determine what type of brick adhesive you need. Will your bricks be a part of your yard's landscape, are they going to be exposed to harsh weather?

If you are working on a project in an area that is humid or is prone to varied weather conditions, then you want your exterior brick adhesive to hold up – like LePage No More Nails Wet Grab. This glue is perfect for bricks as it is designed to grab and hold instantly. It is also specifically formulated for any weather condition.

When you’re going to be working on a variety of projects, Le Page PL Premium Construction Adhesive should be your go-to solution! This heavy-duty adhesive for most common construction materials, including masonry, granite and concrete, is great for bonding cement stones and bricks and provides stability for a variety of DIY projects. This adhesive is waterproof, paintable and can withstand the harsh elements, and it works well with both flat and irregular-surfaced materials.

Please note: while you can certainly repair and fix brick structures with construction adhesives, they should not be used for building a brick wall from the ground up.

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