Silver sealants, the gold standard

Silver silicone sealant: When nothing but the best will do

Silver silicone sealant will make you look like a DIY pro—saving you time and money on your project. If it’s important to match up colours, we’ll help you get it right. Get all the facts in this article.

Silver caulk—when and where to use it

Sealing up cracks and gaps is an important part of any construction project or repair. A good-quality caulk is the best way to get a smooth finished look and block out insects, air, and moisture. When it comes to metal surfaces like aluminum and stainless steel, it is important to use a metallic silver silicone sealant.

Regular caulks are unsightly on metal and are likely to pull away over time. Silver-gray silicone sealant will match the look of metal and form a strong, durable bond. Many common colours and shades are available to eliminate the need for painting.

Applying silver silicone sealant the right way

When applying silver-grey silicone sealant, use the same techniques you would use as with any other caulking.

Prep: Masking tape creates a perfect line for the bead of caulk. Apply to one or both surfaces. Cut the end of the tube to the size of the desired bead and insert the tube into a caulk gun.

Application: Start in a corner and apply a steady stream of caulk across the surface, maintaining consistent pressure on the trigger. Smooth your bead with a caulking tool or a wet finger. Remove the masking tape carefully and admire your great job. Continue to smooth the bead if necessary.

Clean up the area along with any tools. Soapy water may be useful, and a small sharp knife edge can get any unwanted caulk off the surfaces.

Roofing surfaces, gutters, and other wet area applications may differ slightly. Make sure to use a caulk that can stand up to continuous water immersion. Check the manufacturer’s directions for complete details.

Indoors or out—choose the right silver sealant

For interior kitchen and bath applications, also check out LePage 2 in 1 Seal & Bond Kitchen and Bath. It has the strength of an adhesive plus the flexibility of a premium sealant. It is also water and mold resistant.