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PL® Premium® Fast Grab™ Construction Adhesive

Features and Benefits

PL® Premium® Fast Grab™ Construction Adhesive

LePage PL Premium Fast Grab is a revolutionary, 100% moisture curing, polyurethane construction adhesive that provides superior results and is safe to use.

It may be used inside or outside and will last as long as the surface it joins together. This instant grab adhesive is 8 times stronger than ordinary solvent based construction adhesives during initial 24 hour cure. It has high initial tack making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces with less bracing required, and is repositionable. PL Premium Fast Grab is virtually VOC free.

  • 4X More Instant Grab than Original PL Premium
  • 8X Stronger than Ordinary Solvent Based Adhesives
  • Long Open Time
  • Extended Repositioning Time
  • Water Resistant
  • Twice the Coverage
  • Meets and Exceeds ASTM D3498 & APA AFG-01

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