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Epoxy Steel®

Features and Benefits

Epoxy Steel®

LePage® Epoxy Steel® is a two-part system consisting of an epoxy resin and a hardener.

The convenient syringe dispenses equal amounts of each component every time. When mixed in equal volumes, resin and hardener react to produce a tough, rigid, high strength bond in 5 to 12 minutes. It is used as an adhesive for repairing, filling and rebuilding all metal and concrete surfaces. LePage Epoxy Steel does not conduct electricity and can be used for sealing electrical components. It cures to a metallic gray finish and can be easily sanded or machined. It does not shrink or expand and is resistant to water and most common solvents.

  • 8 Minute Set Time
  • Fills & Rebuilds Most Metal/Concrete
  • Machinable
  • Water Resistant
  • Dries Grey
  • Will Not Shrink or Expand
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