Features and Benefits

LePage PL Heavy Duty Sealant is the first and only sealant that can do it all.

Because of its unique 5x stretch and superior strength, LePage PL Heavy Duty sealant provides a durable seal that lasts a lifetime. PL Heavy Duty is an all-condition, easy to use sealant that provides all the best benefits of traditional sealants in one. It makes the decision process of choosing the correct sealant for your project quick and easy. Its superior adhesion and low odor biocide formula makes it a perfect sealant for a multiple of interior and exterior projects including; tubs, showers, fixtures, sinks, plumbing, countertops, tile, trim, baseboards, sealing around windows, doors, siding & many more.

  • 5x stretch allows the product to stay permanently flexible; will not shrink or crack over time
  • Superior adhesion formulated to provide an excellent seal on the widest amount of substrates
  • Easy to use on both interior and exterior projects
  • Weather resistant; will not wash out or discolor
  • Scrub and mildew resistant for long lasting professional finish in kitchen and bath projects
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