Outdoor Weatherproof Glue

Features and Benefits

LePage Outdoor Weatherproof Wood Glue is a durable, high performance, water and moisture resistant interior/exterior wood glue.

It dries to a tough, high strength bond with over 3700 psi shear strength on maple. Outdoor Wood Glue is intended for tight fitting joints in wood working projects that will have occasional weather exposure. It is also suitable for interior projects where water resistance is beneficial. To extend water resistance, finish the project with a protective coating. Outdoor Wood Glue is sandable, paintable, and non-flammable. Uncured adhesive can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. Outdoor Weatherproof Glue exceeds the ANSI/HPMA HP Type II test for adhesive water resistance. Outdoor Weatherproof Wood Glue is available in the Easy Flow Bottle format, which has an extended nozzle for precise application and flow control. The tapered nozzle is excellent for biscuit joint applications. It has a re-sealable airtight cap with built-in tip holder and a wide neck for easy refilling. The bottle is easy to squeeze with its flat side and non-slip grip. There are extra sealant threads for adding extra long sealant nozzles.

  • Sandable for easy removal once cured
  • Paintable
  • Dries translucent brown and blends with most wood tones
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Non-Toxic; safe and easy to use
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