When working on any woodworking project, it is inevitable for one to grab a bottle of wood glue to join two pieces. This is the best solution if using nails is not an option or inadvisable. Wood glue is also a great adhesive if two joints are needed to be held together before screws or bolts can be installed.

Wood glue is a necessary tool that any woodworker, carpenter, or DIYer should have ready in their toolbox.

What is Wood Glue and What is it Made of?

Wood glue, which is often also called carpenter’s glue or woodworking glue, is commonly a polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue. PVA It is also used in other popular types of glue, especially the white glue used in schools and homes.

There are certain advantages to using PVA glue:

  • It is water soluble which means it can be diluted with water to make it thinner and easier to apply.  
  • It is ideal to use on porous materials. It is easily absorbed by wood, paper, boards, and the like.
  • It is non-toxic if not ingested and has a neutral pH value.
  • It dries clear making the glue invisible, making it a favourite for most DIY and arts and crafts projects. 
  • It dries fast at room temperature.

How Much Time Does It Take to Dry?

Drying time depends on the type of wood, the temperature, humidity, and wood glue, but usually takes 10 to 30 minutes.

However, never confuse drying time with curing time. Drying time is faster but curing often takes up to 24 hours.

Curing is when the glue undergoes a chemical change allowing for the bond to achieve its full strength. Therefore, once the glue dries, it is simply holding the two pieces of wood together temporarily. But once it has cured, that is when it has completely bonded.

Which Wood Glue To Get?

Not all wood glue products are the same. LePage has a few for consideration.

If working on cabinets and furniture, Pro Carpenter’s Glue is the best choice. This PVA wood adhesive has a bonding strength of two tonnes. It also has high wet tack for less slippage while clamping. Since it is for cabinetry use, it can be sanded and painted.

Polyurethane Wood Glue is 100% waterproof and bonds wood virtually to anything: glass, metal, foam, ceramic, stone, and more. This makes it the ideal wood glue for most interior and exterior projects. Clamping time is 1 to 2 hours while curing time is 24 hours.

Want something that dries fast? Get the Express Quick Dry Wood Glue. It dries in just 10 minutes for general carpentry, cabinetry, and furniture repair. This glue is highly resistant to humidity so it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. It also bonds on cork, cardboard, and leather.

Need glue that does not require clamping? Get the No More Clamp Wood Glue. It is perfect for fixing or affixing delicate trimming and surfaces. It is also repositionable for up to 10 minutes and easily bonds to most plastics, concrete, ceramic, and stone.

Multi-Purpose White Glue is perfect for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. It is paintable and sandable to match any wood finish while not staining the surface It can easily be cleaned up with soap and water while still in the curing process.

The Outdoor Weatherproof Glue has a high-strength bond while being resistant to water and moisture. It dries translucent to brown and easily matches most wood finishes. If building or fixing birdhouses, mailboxes, and patio furniture this is the wood glue for it.

Want to Know More?

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