Key Facts

Consider it a diploma in installations done right. Sign up today for access to training, in-field support, and the tools you need to become a LePage Certified Installer.

LePage Training Description:

  • Interactive training program designed to teach you the LePage recommended install methods using QUAD Max & QUAD Foam
  • Training includes: step-by-step videos + interactive window/door install games + job aids + access to a 15-Year Warranty.

How to get Trained:

  • Click here to create an account or sign in
  • Then sign your crew up for a training in-field near you with a LePage Certified Trainer
  • OR start LePage Online Training instantly. This way you can get trained on your own time.
  • Only 2 hour time commitment

LePage Training Benefits:

  • 15-Year Warranty: Total protection any way you frame it. Click here for more detail.
  • Downloadable Install Job Aids
  • Quick Reference Install Videos
  • 24/7 Technical Support