The Best Glues for Your DIY Projects

The Best Glues for Your DIY Projects Do-It-Yourself is an overly broad term used for projects that can be done around your home, school, or place of business. We are lucky to have access to a variety of resources that show diverse ways of repairing, crafting, or building things on our own without having to spend more on external services.

One of the challenges is picking out the perfect tools and supplies. Glues needed for DIY projects can be as varied as the projects themselves. You bet we understand the struggle of walking down adhesive aisles and facing a baffling array of glues. Yes, there are specific types for specific jobs. But how do you choose the right one?

Here is a guide to the most reliable glues and adhesives offered by LePage that can help you choose the right glue for your project.

Choosing the Right Type of Glue for DIY

While there are glues that will work for many of your DIY projects, not all glues are created equal. Different types of glue adhere to different materials. Because of this, LePage has specially formulated glues even for your more challenging DIY projects. With extreme versatility, durability, and convenience, you can be sure to find the best type for your chosen craft.

LePage Super Glue Liquid 

DIY projects can be anything and can be done anytime. You need glue that you can use on a variety of materials whenever you need it. This makes LePage’s liquid glues the perfect solution and are must-have for home, office, and school.

Liquid super glues are often used for crafts, but they can be used for most DIY projects including repairs. LePage’s Super Glue Liquid formula is strong, tough, and resilient. It works on both porous and non-porous materials like wood, paper, fabric, ceramic, rubber, and even metal. The best part is that the LePage super glue liquid is available in different forms so you could find the right glue for you. There is the Super Liquid Glue Brush-on that is best for flat surfaces and there is also the Super Glue Longneck bottle for more precise applications.

While super liquid glues are versatile and can bond most materials for DIY applications, there are still things to avoid. For best results, do not use liquid glues on polystyrene foam, foam rubber, pure bone china, glass, silicone rubber, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)


LePage School Glue and Glue Stick

For simple DIY crafts, you’ll need the LePage School Glue and Glue Stick. These non-toxic and kid-friendly adhesives are perfect for school projects for the little ones. Both can hold most stationary materials like paper, cardboard, and fabric. Did the kids make a mess? Don’t worry because the LePage School Glue and Glue Stick are both easily cleaned with soap and water. They are easy to use; the LePage School Glue has a twist nozzle for easy, spill-free, and precise application while the Glue Stick is in a convenient-sized twist applicator that you can bring anywhere. 

LePage Extreme Glue

The LePage Extreme Glue being one of the brand’s reliable all-purpose glues is easy to use, dries crystal-clear, does not wrinkle paper, and sets without clamping. Even for your scrapbooking or woodworking, this is one of the most reliable glues that you can use for indoor or outdoor projects. Because it forms a secure bond on any surface—from wood to glass—it is especially good for horizontal applications. So, whether you are a contractor or hobbyist, LePage Extreme Glue is the perfect addition to your toolbox.


LePage Extreme No Drip Gel

There are instances, of course, when you would also need something a bit stronger – something with higher viscosity for vertical applications, materials that are exposed to extreme conditions, or situations where constant flexing is a problem. This is where the LePage Extreme No Drip Gel can be used. This glue is water, vibration, impact, UV (Ultraviolet), and temperature resistant, offering long reliability anywhere it is used.

Stik'N Seal™ Outdoor Adhesive

For tougher jobs that need to be tight, waterproof, and weatherproof, the Stik’N Seal™ Outdoor Adhesive is the most suitable for the job. Use this gel-like adhesive on aluminum, brick, cardboard, ceramic, fabric, fiberglass, glass, leather, rubber, steel, wood, and most plastics, which will dry clear that will not drip or run to help reduce your cleanup time.


Stik'N Seal™ Extreme Repair Adhesive

Would you like to be able to seal or repair your door frames, windows, or vents? Stik’N Seal™ Extreme Repair Adhesive is your go-to all-season adhesive with excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, weather, vibration, and moisture without breaking. This formula grabs instantly, setting in 5 minutes, and cures in 24 hours. It is an outstanding waterproof construction adhesive for outdoor use. Also perfect for repairing toys and appliances, hobbies, and craft projects

Need More Help in Finding the Right Glue?

 LePage has a wide range of adhesives that you can use for any DIY project whether it is for crafts, repairs, school, office, and more! Use the Product Finder to get more suggestions for the right product you need.