Best plastic glue for you

Plastic Glue: Fix (Nearly) Everything!

You can fix any plastic with the right kind of plastic glue. Before you throw away that broken toy or buy a new phone case, note that items such as these can often be easily repaired. We can help you find the perfect solution for your plastic project, big or small.

what is plastic glue?

Due to the properties of plastics it is not 100% compatible with conventional glue, as many adhesives can dissolve and fail to properly bond with plastic. For the best results, you need to find the right plastic glue that is specifically designed for your type of plastic.

Did you know that many glues and sealants come in a variety of colours to match your surfaces?

Types of plastics and the best glue

Many different types of plastic are used in commercial applications. Knowing the various types is helpful when choosing the best plastic glue for the job.

The easiest way to identify one of the seven plastic types is by its label, commonly a recycling symbol on the bottom of the item. For example, plastics marked with a 6 or “PS” are polystyrenes. These are used for simple items like packing material, disposable razors, and food containers. Before using any plastic glue, check to ensure it is compatible with your type of plastic.


What Is The Best Glue For Hard Plastics?

Hard, high-density plastics, such as those used to make buckets, milk crates or containers, are made from polyethylene and polypropylene (HDPE). Ordinary white glues, wood glues or common adhesives won’t form permanent bonds with these plastics. The best glue for many hard plastic items is a gel, such as LePage 100% Glue Repair Gel. With is revolutionary FLEXTEC formula, it will create an extra-strong and flexible bond suitable for even extreme conditions like freezers.

Glue for flexible plastics

Flexible plastics are commonly used in household items, such as shoes, toys and various bags. The best glue to use on flexible plastics is LePage 100% Glue. Its solvent-free formula is designed to dry clear and remain temperature resistant, all while staying strong and flexible!

This is also the best waterproof glue for plastic as it won’t shrink after application— a common problem that can create gaps and allow water to seep in. Even with Canada’s extreme temperatures, this product will not freeze in winter or deform over the hot summers.

Check out this video to see LePage 100% Glue in action!

Strongest Glue For Filling Gaps In Plastic

Some repairs need an extra degree of strength. To fill gaps in common materials, such as aluminum, ceramic, glass, wood, MDF, fiberglass, and especially plastics, ensure you have a plastic glue that is shock resistant, non-shrinking, and elastic to create a long-lasting seal that will protect your home. Continue to trust LePage 100% Glue for all your gap-filling needs— both indoors and outdoors.