No More Nails®  Construction Adhesive

No More Nails

LePage’s signature No More Nails is a line of premium instant grab construction adhesives. It uses the latest in adhesives technology to deliver a zero-second instant grab without the need for nails, screws and bracing.

No More Nails is available in two forms: liquids and tapes. Each form has different variants to suit your DIY and repair needs. If you need help finding the right one for your project, learn more about No More Nails here.

No More Nails Uses 

No More Nails is the choice of many professionals with its strong grab and versatile use. All No More Nails variants work in most conditions and bond most common construction materials.

For all-around use, the No More Nails All-Purpose construction adhesive is a must-have for any toolbox. For indoor and exterior projects that require a tough bond and superior hold, the No More Nails Heavy Duty is recommended. Both work on a variety of construction materials like wood, ceramic, concrete, drywall, masonry, plaster, brick, and foamboard.

The No More Nails Paneling and Moulding is a great alternative to moulding and paneling projects that usually require bracing and fasteners. LePage also has the No More Nails Tub Surround Adhesive that is specifically designed for bathroom and shower projects. Once fully cured, it can resist moisture, steam, water, heat, and cold .

There is also the No More Nails Ultimate Crystal Clear variant that contains a clear formula able to bond even two non-porous surfaces. It is perfect for projects that require seamless bonds and it is also paintable after cure. 

Is No More Nails Waterproof?

Yes, all No More Nails liquid variants are waterproof and work in all conditions. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures for exterior projects. But if you’re looking to bond two materials in wet conditions, then the LePage No More Nails Wet Grab is recommended.

No More Nails Tapes and Strips

Need a fast and easy alternative to nails, tacks, staples, and magnets? No More Nails mounting tapes and strips are the perfect choice. Unlike most common adhesive tapes and strips, they are versatile and adhere to different materials like wood, metal, plaster, concrete, stone, and ceramic. 

If you are looking for superior hold and durable bond, use the No More Nails Heavy Duty Mounting Tape. Each roll of this double-sided tape can hold up to 50kg of weight and you can use multiple rolls to support heavier items. For indoor projects like hanging art and photos on walls, décor, and accessories, the No More Nails Indoor Mounting Tape is perfect to use.

For smaller projects and more precise applications, use the No More Nails Permanent Tape Strips or Removable Tape Strips. Each comes in pre-sized foam strips.

No More Nails Drying Time

No More Nails are extremely high-tack adhesives that grab instantly. For liquid variants, it sets in 10 minutes and fully cures in 12-24 hours. It is also repositionable for up to 15 minutes of application.  

How to Use No More Nails?

To use No More Nails liquid variants, simply cut the tip, apply with a caulk gun, press together for 10 minutes, and let it cure. 

For mounting tapes and strips, apply the tape to the desired surface then press and hold firmly for 10 seconds.