LePage Super Glue Liquid

Liquid glues are one of the most popular types of adhesives in the market due to their ease of use and wide range of applications. Since they are water-based, liquid glues are safer to use and eco-friendly, but also tough and resilient, making them the adhesive of choice for many.

Want to know more about liquid glues? Here are a few key features you should know.


Liquid glues are the best solution when you are looking for invisible and seamless repairs. You do not have to worry about stains on the materials you are repairing. Liquid glues also dry quickly. Most products will let you get a maximum bond within 15-30 seconds.

For extra seamless repairs, we have products specifically designed to help you achieve just that. The LePage Super Glue Longneck bottle has an extra-long pinpoint nozzle for precise bonding and hard-to-reach areas.  The LePage Super Glue Ultra Liquid Control has a patented easy-squeeze bottle design for better control and accurate application.


Although known best for school and office use, liquid glues can bond a wide variety of materials, making them great for DIY repairs.

When bonding two materials together, people often do not consider whether the materials are porous or non-porous surfaces. To put it simply, porous surfaces have pores that allow liquids and air to flow through the material like cement, sponges, wood, and stones.  Non-porous surfaces have tighter cell structures and will not absorb liquids. Some examples are glass, most hard plastics, and marble.

Some adhesives work best for one more than the other. For example, regular glues work best with porous materials while epoxies are recommended for non-porous surfaces. Liquid glues, on the other hand, work on both.

The LePage Super Glue Liquid Pro is very versatile and works with most porous and non-porous surfaces including wood, rubber, metal, paper, leather, ceramic, and fabric. There is also the LePage Super Glue All Plastics that can be used on hard-to-bond plastics like polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).


Liquid glue may not be the first to come to mind when thinking about heavy-duty adhesives, but they are tough, making them great for all-around repairs. They can bond well with no clamping required.

Certain liquid glues are designed to be resilient and have a strong bond. LePage’s liquid glues, for example, are resistant to moisture, shock, most chemicals, and freezing temperature.

The Best Liquid Glue for Office, School, Crafts, and Repairs

Finding the right adhesive for your project can be quite difficult when you don’t know where to start. Having liquid glue in your toolkit is always handy due and is suitable for a wide range of projects whether it’s for office, school, crafts, and repairs.


Need a fix?

LePage Liquid glues are available in different variants each containing our signature formula. Every bottle is designed to be spill-resistant, easy to apply, and safe to use. LePage liquid glues are stronger than most regular adhesives and work well with a variety of porous and non-porous services. Select the liquid glue of your choice and purchase it online from one of our partner stores.