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Polyfilla® Wall Tile Grout

Features and Benefits

Polyfilla® Wall Tile Grout

Polyfilla® Wall Tile Grout is a specially formulated water and stain repellent, ready to use grouting compound for ceramic wall tiles.

Recommended for both new ceramic tiling and re-grouting applications. When dry, it forms a hard, long-lasting, waterproof joint between tiles. Polyfilla Wall Tile Grout is siliconized and does not require a grout sealant. It comes in either a tub for larger grouting jobs and also a squeeze tube that is convenient for smaller repair jobs.

  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Resistant to water permeation, grout sealer not required
  • Fast setting for quick completion of repairs
  • Stain resistant so it stays white
  • Water repellant for a water tight seal between tiles
  • Siliconized for improved wet adhesion
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