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Banish cracks and chips: Learn how to fix a broken mug

Stop spending your hard-earned cash on an endless parade of coffee mugs! Learn how to fix a broken mug instead of replacing it. Cracks and chips can easily be fixed with a few simple steps.

How to fix a broken mug handle: A quick fix

Did you reach for your favourite mug only to have the handle snap off? Learn how to fix a broken mug handle by following a few easy steps.

  1. Get all your materials together. You’ll need mild dish soap and water, a clean dry cloth, and a quality porcelain glue.
  2. Make sure the mug is clean and dry.
  3. Apply adhesive to the handle and the mug. Make sure the handle is lined up properly before gluing, then press the two parts firmly together.
  4. Follow the instructions on the label. Pay attention to how long you need to hold it in place for optimal adhesion.

How to fix a cracked coffee mug: Even chips can be remedied

Chips in mugs are a pretty common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean they have to land in the trash. Learn how to fix a chipped mug so you don’t have to break up your collection.

  1. Select the right glue. You'll also need mild dish soap and water, gloves so you don't cut yourself on the chip, and an old clean rag or paper towel.
  2. Ensure that you start with a clean, dry mug.
  3. Apply the glue. Use a small amount on the piece that chipped off the mug, and another on the mug itself. If you don’t have all the chipped pieces on hand, it may be necessary to build up the area with a little extra Glue. You can then file away any excess glue after it dries.
  4. Allow the mug to dry for the time specified in the directions.

Remember to choose a glue that is dishwasher safe which will ensure a long-lasting hold!

How to fix a broken mug: It’s all about the glue

When it comes to fixing a broken mug, make sure you select the right glue for the job. We suggest you opt for 100% Glue Repair Gel for all your ceramic mugs. This product is waterproof, sets quickly, dries clear, and is durable and strong. All while being dishwasher safe! Just a small amount will do the trick and you will have your favourite mug back in no time.

As an added bonus, 100% Glue Repair Gel is an excellent multi-purpose glue that you can use for a variety of repairs around the home.

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