Don’t be puzzled over glue

How to glue a puzzle: Best adhesives for this fun project

Want to learn how to glue puzzle? Read our easy instructions below, get the details on the best adhesives and methods – and proudly display your work.

What glue to use on puzzles

There are several types of glue that will work well for gluing a puzzle. It will come down to personal preference. However, there are some things you will want to consider when making your choice.

You can glue a jigsaw puzzle on its own or mount it to a backer board or frame to hang on the wall. You will want to choose a glue that dries transparent so that there is no chance of seeing any of the adhesive between the puzzle pieces. LePage Glue Stick is perfect for bonding paper, cardboard, and even fabric, so it’s just right for your puzzle. It dries clear, won’t cause paper or cardboard to wrinkle, and it cleans up with water.

When thinking about what glue to use on puzzles, the adhesive you choose should be compatible with both the material the puzzle is made of and the backer board you will mount it to, if you are doing so.

Finally, make sure the adhesive will not bleed through the puzzle or cause paper edges to curl. Most craft-type glues are suitable for this type of application, as well as spray-on adhesives. Try LePage Multipurpose Spray adhesive. It dries quickly and can be used for permanent bonds or as a repositionable adhesive. It will not bleed through or curl the puzzle pieces.

Once you have glued your puzzle together, you can really spruce it up by applying a coat or two of lacquer over the top. This will make it look truly finished and permanent, and it will give the puzzle a glossy look.

How to glue jigsaw puzzles together

First, gather all the tools and materials you will need to complete the job. You will only need a few basic supplies to do this fun project:

  • adhesive
  • wax paper or parchment paper
  • a paintbrush or sponge
  • mounting board and frame (if desired)
  • a board to cover the puzzle and some weight (for example, some books)

We recommend setting up in a well-ventilated area with good lighting.

How to glue a puzzle together, step-by-step

All set? Here’s how to glue your jigsaw puzzle:

1. Carefully slide the wax paper or parchment under the puzzle.

2. Make sure the puzzle is clean and that all the pieces are flat and properly connected.

3. Apply a thin coat of glue over the front of the puzzle. Spread it out evenly with a paintbrush or sponge and allow it to dry. Make sure to cover every piece.

4. Carefully flip the puzzle over using two pieces of cardboard to hold it together. (A second set of hands may help!)

5. Glue the back of the puzzle just as you did the front. Allow it to fully dry.

How to glue a puzzle for framing

If you want to mount your puzzle to a backing board, follow the instructions above and then these additional steps:

6. Spread (or spray) adhesive evenly onto the backing board. Use only as much as is needed and avoid pools of excess adhesive that might squeeze through the puzzle.

7. If necessary, use a soft bristle paintbrush or sponge to spread out the glue.

8. Carefully put the puzzle in place into the wet glue by sliding it off a piece of cardboard and onto the backer board. Reposition it immediately if necessary.

9. Place a board or cardboard sheet on top of the puzzle and add some weight to keep the puzzle flat until it dries.