Glue: The quick fix!

Polyethylene glue: Everything you need to know

Polyethylene adhesive will fix many plastic items around the house, on your boat, or in your car. For the true DIYer, it’s the best glue around for cracked and broken plastic objects – by far!

How you can use polyethylene adhesive around the house

Plastic revolutionized the home products market over 50 years ago. You can be sure it’s in many common items in your house. Plastics are great – until they crack or break. Polyethylene glue is one of the single best products to have in your toolbox to tackle broken or cracked plastic items you come across.

Check out these uses:

  • Polyethylene glue for cracked or broken pipes
  • Polyethylene adhesive for broken toys
  • Polyethylene epoxy for broken dishes and mugs

Polyethylene is the single most used plastic product on the planet – and it’s recyclable, which means we all win. The resin type is indicated by a #2 stamped on the product.

Indoors, outdoors, even on doors: Polyethylene glue is extremely versatile

Polyethylene glue can make you a home DIY expert! You’ll be breaking things just so you can use it over and over. And it’s not just for indoor use. Polyethylene glue is suitable for a variety of outdoor jobs as well.

The glue you choose will have to match its intended use. For outdoor jobs, you’ll want a polyethylene adhesive that will stand up to the weather, is resistant to mold, and has high bonding capabilities. A quality polyethylene epoxy is your best bet.

Polyethylene epoxy can be used on plastic furniture, broken doll houses, plastic tables and planters, patio accessories, pool toys, and the list goes on. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Polyethylene glue: Tips and tricks to make you an expert

As always, choosing the right product for the job is key and that especially applies to the glue you use. Polyethylene glue is an easy product to work with provided you take the time for a little preparation first. Ask yourself what items and materials you will be repairing and then check the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly to choose the best polyethylene glue for the job.

Follow these tips for success:

  • Make sure your area is well lit and you have a flat surface to work on.
  • Have all necessary materials within close reach.
  • Use clamps when necessary to hold pieces together while the adhesive sets (glue times will vary).
  • Safety goggles and gloves are always a good idea when working with glue.
  • Only use the amount of glue necessary and be careful not to drip on anything, including your skin or clothing.
  • You want a glue that dries transparent for the best look.

Polyethylene plastic glue: Choosing the right one for you

For most plastics, reach for LePage Super Glue Ultra Gel. This product works on most plastics and will stand up to even the most rough and tumble kids!

For many polyethylene repairs, it’s hard to beat LePage PL 300. It’s a high-grab, premium-grade adhesive specially developed for bonding all types of polystyrene and polyurethane insulation materials. PL 300 exhibits superior bonding to most common building construction materials and is waterproof. It’s great for indoor and outdoor projects and is unaffected by water, moisture, or temperature fluctuations once fully cured.

LePage No More Nails Tub Surround Adhesive bonds most plastic bathroom and shower enclosures to a waterproof tile backer. But it has many other uses as well. It works on polyethylene, polystyrene, acrylic, ABS, and PVC. You’ll love the low odor and easy clean up because it is water based. Its 10-minute repositioning time makes adjustments and corrections a snap.

If you need to do a repair that must stand up to wet conditions, try LePage No More Nails Wet Grab. It utilizes the latest in adhesive technology. This formula can be applied on wet materials and is waterproof once cured. It can be used on all materials, even two non-porous surfaces, which most construction adhesives can’t do. Wet Grab will withstand a wide temperature range and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.

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