Choosing the right super glue gel
for the job

When you want something fixed permanently and fast, super glue gel is the best choice. From a broken vase to a loose stone on a ring, the uses are limitless — indoors and out. 

What makes super glue gel so special?

Super glue, or cyanoacrylate gel, is a specially formulated glue that sets within seconds, with no need for clamping. It achieves full strength in around 10 minutes, so it is ideal for quick repair jobs.

Super glue also comes in liquid form, but gel-type super glues work better in situations where you don’t need the glue to run into the joint.

Fix rips in your shoes easily with LePage's Super Glue Gel by turning them into eye-catchers with colorful patches

Is super glue gel easy to use?

The quick-setting action of a super glue gel means your item can be repaired and reused in minutes. It’s very easy to use, but always read the directions and take on board any safety instructions. 

  1. Prepare your workspace and have some tissue paper available to wipe off any excess glue.
  2. Check the pieces to be glued, make sure there is a good fit and that the surfaces are clean and dry. Lightly sand down if necessary to roughen smooth surfaces.
  3. Apply the gel to one surface and bring the pieces together, using light pressure, and hold for 10 seconds. The gel will cure totally after 24 hours, but you can put the object to use after 10 minutes.
  4. Clean up. Wipe any gel off the applicator with the tissue and replace the cap firmly. Keep it handy for the next time!

If you do manage get glue on your fingers, don’t worry. Use an acetone-based nail polish remover to dissolve the cyanoacrylate gel and gently pry it off.

What is the best super glue gel?

There are a lot of super glue gels on the market, but one stands out for its versatility. LePage Super Glue Ultra Gel Control is a specially formulated adhesive that resists shock, vibration, and temperature extremes. It is ideal for repairing objects subject to daily use, like shoes. It doesn’t drip, so it can be used in vertical conditions, and it dries transparent for invisible repairs. Its high flexibility makes it great for applications where movement is to be expected.

LePage Super Glue Gel is perfect for ceramics, metal, wood, plastic and many other materials

If you need a little more time to align your pieces to be glued, then reach for our Super Glue Ultra Gel. This product is formulated with a rubber toughened blend that allows for extra time when gluing objects before it really takes hold. This unique super glue gel provides flexibility when dried, making it great for automotive applications, such as wiper blades and other metal car parts.

Watch LePage Super Glue Ultra Gel Control in action