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Tips on how to get super glue off clothes

Here we’ll look into how to get super glue off clothes. From time to time something goes wrong in the DIY world. If you need to get glue off your clothes, these basic steps and tips will take you through the process with ease.

Learn how to get dried super glue out of clothes

Super glue makes DIY projects around the home much easier. This powerful adhesive can tackle all kinds of repairs. Unfortunately, you can get so caught up in the job that accidents will happen, and before you know it, glue gets spilled on your clothing.

Before assuming that your clothes are ruined, you may be relieved to know that simple household products like nail polish remover (acetone) and a basic scraping tool can make quick work of the mess.

How to get super glue off clothes

Once you’ve rounded up the necessary household items, follow these tips to get dried super glue out of clothes:

  1. Start with a scraping tool—something like a butter knife that isn’t too sharp, or even a spoon—and then gently scrape off the glue. This will generally only remove the larger pieces of glue.
  2. For any remaining glue, you’ll need to wet the area with a small amount of the nail polish remover. Be careful not to soak too much into it; it is easier to apply if you use a small cloth to dab at it, or even a cotton ball. You may want to try this step on an area that isn’t noticeable first, just to be sure the acetone doesn’t damage the fabric or the colour.
  3. Now you can go ahead and put the clothing into the washing machine to get any remnants of acetone out. If super glue stains were left on the fabric, you could also use your favourite stain remover on it.

While these steps should work fine for the majority of fabrics, keep in mind that if you have a delicate item, it’s best to take it straight to the dry cleaners rather than attempt to get the stain out yourself.

How to remove super glue from shoes and bags

Now you know what products to use and what steps to follow, what happens if you’ve spilled the glue on a different item, like a shoe or a bag? When it comes to removing super glue from fabric shoes and bags, the steps stay pretty much the same. Again, it’s always wise to do a patch test to start with just to be sure the products don’t cause any damage to the items.

Typically, the best plan of action is to use gentle scraping motions on your shoes. You want to lift as much of that dried-on glue off as possible. Another product that can work is a bowl of soap and warm water that has been mixed thoroughly. Simply soak a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, in the water and then scrub the glue on your shoes.

A fabric bag or purse can also benefit from the scraping and scrubbing technique, using warm water and soap and the soft-bristled toothbrush.

Finally, if it is bedding, such as blankets or sheets, that you’ve spilled glue on, try soaking the items overnight in cold water and then use the toothbrush and a little detergent to gently scrub it the next day.

Products to prevent messes in the first place

While it is possible to get super glue off your clothes, ideally you don’t want to be dealing with the problem at all. A good way to prevent spills is by choosing super glue that helps you to go about your project in a mess-free way. Take for example the LePage Super Glue Ultra Gel. This one sets in just a few seconds and features a no-drip gel formula. Even if you are using it in a vertical manner, you won't have to worry about drips and messes. It also dries transparent, making it extremely versatile.

For maximum control, opt for LePage Super Glue Gel Control which also dries transparent and sets in seconds. It has an easy-to-use side squeeze grip that allows for extreme accuracy and has a no-drip formula. This particular super glue can be used on non-porous and porous surfaces, making it an ideal all-in-one solution. Best of all, both these products are easy to remove!

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