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Learn how to remove super glue from glass

Glue can be a lifesaver when it comes to home repairs. But knowing how to remove super glue from glass is also vital to keep your see-through surfaces clear. Don’t let spills and leftover residue ruin your favorite beer mug or glass table. Let them shine with our tips and techniques!

How to get super glue off glass: What you need to know

Super glue has countless applications with its strong, durable hold—that’s why you can use it all over your home. But just like any other substance in a tube, it can spill and leave behind a mess, especially on glass surfaces. However, removing glue from glass only requires a couple of tools and a few simple steps to follow.

Here are the best ways to remove super glue from glass quickly and easily!

Steps to remove super glue from glass

First, put down that chisel or screwdriver and read our guide before you permanently damage your glass.

  1. Use acetone. Instead of scraping and scratching away at your glass, use acetone to first soften and loosen the super glue. This compound is found in nail polish remover, for example, and can also be purchased on its own in containers. Whatever option, check the product label first before using it. 
  2. Soak the glue. Once you have the acetone on hand, apply a small amount to a rag or cotton swab and gently rub and press it on the stuck-on glue. Now, let it sit for a few minutes. Depending on the amount of glue spilled, the glue will start to weaken.
  3. Peel the glue away. Insert a safety razor at the bottom of the glue and gently pry it upwards to peel the glue off. If some of the glue refuses to budge, remove what you can and repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary to take it off in layers. This will ensure you do not scratch your glass. Once all the glue has been removed, wipe the surface clean with a damp rag.

How to remove super glue from glass: Prevention is key

Like any other job around the home, garage, or office, working with the right tools and materials is the difference between success and failure! Do yourself a favour and start off your job with the right glue.
Look for a glue that is specifically formulated to work well with glass surfaces. Try LePage Stik’N Seal Extreme Repair Adhesive, the best product for gluing glass surfaces indoors and out. It has a flexible, water-resistant seal that will not crack, peel, or shrink regardless of weather and extreme temperatures. It’s great on most other materials, as well.

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