Unstick the glue!

How to remove glue from hardwood floors: Operation Floor Saver

Disaster has struck and you spilled glue on your beautiful hardwood floors. Knowing how to remove glue from hardwood floors can be a lifesaver. Find out how here.

Why you need to know how to remove glue from hardwood floors

Knowing how to remove glue from wood floors is critical, because using the wrong cleaning product can ruin your floors. Hardwood floors are expensive to install or repair, yet most adhesives can safely be removed without causing damage to the hardwood or the applied finish if you follow our easy steps.

What gets glue off wood floors?

Adhesives are either water based or solvent based, and the spill is either still wet or already set. Wet adhesive can be cleaned up with soapy water if it is water-based; if it’s solvent-based, acetone (nail polish remover) is the answer. For glue that has already set, you will need to hold ice on the spill for five minutes until the glue becomes brittle. With applied pressure, the frozen glue will fracture, and any remaining residue can be removed using a natural oil like peanut butter or vinegar. Learning how to remove glue from hardwood floors this way will save your hardwood floors from permanent glue damage.

Learning how to get glue off hardwood floors

If the glue is still wet:

  1. For water-based glue, use a damp, soapy rag and clean up the spill.
  2. For solvent-based glue, use acetone sparingly to clean up the mess, then clean the area with a damp soapy rag.

If the glue is dry:

  1. Hold ice on the glue for a minimum of five minutes, then apply firm horizontal pressure with a blunt edge to fracture the glue from the floor.
  2. Clean any residue using acetone, then clean thoroughly with a damp, soapy rag.
  3. If there is still a sticky residue, scrub lightly with vinegar or another natural oil and let sit for a minute, then wipe clean with a damp, soapy rag.

Find out how to remove glue from hardwood floors and other objects.

How to remove glue from wood flooring: Start with a quality glue!

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