Building backyards with glue!

How to use masonry adhesives for exterior projects

Looking to build a backyard BBQ out of stone? With masonry adhesives, you can do just that and more. Learn how this expertly crafted glue can help with many outdoor projects.

What is masonry glue and when should you use it?

Masonry glue is an innovative product created to streamline stone-based repairs. It’s a quick-drying, waterproof adhesive that works on a range of outdoor projects from fixing broken veneer, brick walls, landscape blocks, stair treads, non-treated wood, and more. It’s not intended for structural projects, however, as it’s not made to carry a huge load.

In cases where you have a larger, structural project, you can opt for traditional mortar. With a thick paste-like consistency, mortar can be used to hold larger structures together, in conjunction with a masonry adhesive, for the remaining details. Keep in mind, mortar takes more labour and longer to dry. It is also quite messy in comparison to masonry glue. So, sticking to masonry glue will still be the best for quick, easy projects.

Application tips for masonry adhesive

Masonry adhesives come in the form of a cartridge; an easy, clean way to apply it wherever you need. In addition, you’ll want a caulking gun, some safety gloves, and a knife to complete the job. 

To ensure a professional application, you must always start by cleaning the area of dust and debris, as well as pre-fitting your pieces. Once that’s done, you can add your masonry adhesive to the caulking gun and apply the adhesive in a zig-zag pattern. If extra support is needed in any area, feel free to add extra glue where necessary.  

If you notice any little hiccups along the way, a drop of acetone can help remove glue that hasn’t cured yet, while a knife can be used to unhinge any tough, cured adhesive. This will take your project from amateur to professional.

Don’t forget to cut your applicator tip to a 45-degree angle to ensure the best bead size and a streamlined application.

The best masonry construction adhesive for your backyard needs

Are your stone steps getting a little wobbly? To make sure no one gets hurt, apply LePage PL 600 Landscape Block Adhesive to the area in question. This weatherproof, non-deteriorating glue resists harsh climates and age-based hardening, so your steps will be good as new

Is your chimney cap showing signs of wear and tear at the joints? Simply apply some LePage PL Polyurethane Concrete Crack and Masonry Sealant to the cap, place it back on, add some masonry screws, and you’re good to go. No mortar or professional help necessary.

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