How to glue felt: Top two methods for a strong bond

If you have a crafting project using felt, you’ll need to know how to glue felt the correct way. Don’t risk a poor outcome. Get the facts here first.

The two best ways to glue felt

Felt is one of those materials that has a thousand uses — everything from school crafts to boot linings, bags, phone cases, and more.

So which type of glue should you use to glue felt together when you need to attach felt to felt or to another surface?

The best adhesives for gluing felt together are spray adhesives and fabric glue. We’ll discuss each of these below.

Spray adhesive and fabric glue are the best adhesives for bonding felt

How to glue felt using spray adhesive 

For covering larger areas quickly, nothing beats a spray adhesive. It is dispensed quickly and easily and offers the perfect viscosity for felt. It won’t drip, run, or bleed through the fabric. It also has exceptional bonding strength when gluing felt to felt or felt to another surface. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Prepare your work area in a well-ventilated space. Make sure the felt and other items to be bonded are clean and dry.
  2. Shake the can of adhesive 10–12 times, then spray the surfaces to be bonded in a light, even coat. (Hold the can about 8–10 inches away.)
  3. If extra strength is needed, apply multiple coats of adhesive to both surfaces, allowing 1–10 minutes of drying time before placing the felt in position.
  4. Press the felt firmly into place and smooth out the material to avoid ripples or creases.
  5. Clean up by turning the can upside down and spraying for 2 seconds, then wipe the nozzle with mineral spirits. 

LePage Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is the ideal spray to glue felt because it dries clear, won’t bleed through the material, and can hold up to demanding use. It won’t bubble or foam when applied. Spray on multiple coats before bonding the fabric for extra strength adhesion.

Avoid using standard white glue for gluing felt together since it doesn’t work well with the material. Super glue is also not ideal: it may bleed through and some varieties dry hard and brittle. If fabric glue or spray adhesive is not available or would not be practical, try hot melt glue or contact cement.

How to glue felt to felt using fabric glue

Choose a fabric glue that is compatible with felt, and be sure to set up in a ventilated area.

  1. Apply a thin coat of glue to each surface to be bonded.
  2. Press the materials together and hold them in place with a weighted object until dry.

If using contact cement:

  1. Apply adhesive to both surfaces.
  2. Allow the glue to dry for 10–30 minutes or until dry to the touch.
  3. Apply a second coat of adhesive if necessary and allow it to dry again.
  4. Press your materials together and allow to dry thoroughly.
With the right instructions, knowing how to stick on felt is child's play

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