Polycarbonate glue, better than new!

Polycarbonate glue: Simply the best adhesive for many DIY projects

Stop botching your DIY repairs by using the wrong type of glue. Polycarbonate glue is the adhesive missing in your toolbox? Find out why it’s the right tool for the job.

Why you need polycarbonate glue

Polycarbonate glue, sometimes referred to as polycarbonate cement or polycarbonate epoxy, has multiple uses and really is a handyman in a bottle. Polycarbonate-based products are made of hard plastics traditional glues won’t adhere to and some solvent-based adhesives can actually melt.

Polycarbonate materials are found in your home, RV, boat, and car; products partly or wholly made from polycarbonate include mobile phones, bottles and glasses. Cracks and breaks can be easily repaired in minutes, often creating stronger welds than the original product. Stop throwing away and replacing entire fixtures because of a cheap broken internal part; repair it with specially formulated polycarbonate glue!

Polycarbonate glue uses

Polycarbonate glue will weld any two pieces made from polycarbonate back together forging a strong bond in minutes. Polycarbonate-based plastics are found everywhere from computer cases and keyboards, to light fixture lenses and eyeglasses. Using the correct polycarbonate bonding agent will give you long-lasting repairs with no visible cracks.

Tips on using polycarbonate glue

Place items you need to repair on a well-lit, flat, clean, non-plastic surface.

  1. Be sure to read the instructions on the package for optimum results and safety precautions.
  2. A transparent drying product is recommended for most repairs. 
  3. Clean the parts you will be repairing and allow them to completely dry.
  4. Gloves and eye protection are recommended.
  5. Apply a light, thin coating of polycarbonate cement to both surfaces using a non-plastic applicator. (The tip of a box nail works best). Less is more.
  6. Hold the pieces together for a minimum of five minutes or clamp together depending on size.
  7. Let the polycarbonate glue completely cure for a minimum of twelve hours before use.

Polycarbonate glue is so strong, even the military uses it.

Find out why polycarbonate glue is the right one for you.

The best polycarbonate adhesives

LePage has a wide variety of polycarbonate glues and no, not all polycarbonate adhesives are created equal. Check out LePage’s Super Glue Liquid Pro with heavy-duty strength and quick set and cure times. The patented tip also seals the bottle and avoids the dreaded “use once and toss” waste found in most cheap tubes.

LePage’s Super Glue Ultra Gel Control is a great product to use since it is thicker and less prone to drip; it also comes in a convenient side-squeeze bottle for better control. 

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