Polyfilla® Wall Paint Preparation - 300 ml

Features and Benefits

  • For Interior Walls: Formulated for repairing cracks, shallow holes, and other imperfections on the wall surface 
  • Extra-Fine Finish: When dry, the paste can be sanded to a fine finish that’s hard and dent-resistant 
  • Paintable: Neutral-coloured compound is sandable and paintable to blend in with your home’s surroundings 
  • Fast Drying: Paste dries quickly to help you complete wall repairs in less time 
  • Easy To Use: Non-sagging compound spreads easily and doesn’t require any mixing prior to use 
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Polyfilla® Wall Paint Preparation

    Product overview

    LePage Polyfilla Wall Paint Preparation is an extra-fine patching compound that’s formulated for repairing surface damage and minor imperfections on walls. This creamy paste spreads smoothly and evenly on interior walls to fill shallow cracks and holes. LePage Polyfilla Wall Paint Preparation dries fast and sands to a super-fine finish that’s hard and dent-resistant. Once fully dry, our patching compound can be painted to seamlessly blend in with your home’s surroundings. LePage Polyfilla Wall Paint Preparation is easy to use since it’s non-sagging, low in odour, and doesn’t require any mixing. Plus, the uncured paste cleans up easily with water to reduce your need for harsh cleaning chemicals.