More moxie with epoxy!

An epoxy for wood for the DIY carpenter

Quickly repair chipped and broken wooden furniture and household items with an epoxy for wood. With a few tips and tricks, you can reap the benefits of chemistry as well as carpentry.

Why use epoxy adhesive for wood?

Epoxy resin is a two-component material, consisting of a resin and a hardener that cures within hours after using it on a wooden surface. The benefits of epoxy for wood apply to both creative and repairing projects, making it a great multi-purpose option. It can be cut, ground, and polished for different effects, and its range of options from low to high viscosity make it the best choice for use on wood. 

How to apply epoxy on wood

Applying an epoxy isn’t hard, but it does require a specific process due to its dual-component nature. 

To prep for your next wood project, be sure all surfaces are clean and dry before you apply the epoxy. LePage Speed Set Epoxy is a great choice for surface repairs and filling gaps—especially on surfaces that see a fair share of liquid, such as a coffee table. In fact, the LePage Speed Set Epoxy, can actually be coloured using earth pigments, cement, or sand for colour matching.

To apply the resin to wood, follow these steps:

  1. If required, combine the two components, resin and hardener, in the exact ratio specified. Stir slowly using a wooden stick to keep air bubbles out.
  2. Add colour additives, if applicable. This is where you may want to add earth tones or even a bright colour to your epoxy.
  3. Apply the epoxy slowly, using a pin to pop small air bubbles.
  4. Allow your project to air dry.

Selecting the best woodworking epoxy

There are several great epoxy options for wood. With LePage Speed Set Professional Epoxy Glue, you have a super simple, high-quality epoxy glue that bonds wood in just five minutes. It also fills gaps easily and is water resistant.