Epoxy stuck on you?

How to remove epoxy safely from your skin

Epoxies are super strong adhesives, so you’ll want to know how to remove epoxy from skin. Learn how to get epoxy off skin safely in our short article and start making repairs with confidence.

Epoxy on skin: What you need to know

If you work with epoxy, you may eventually get some on your skin. Epoxy is an irritant and can cause skin inflammation. This is not usually serious; you just need to know the proper procedure to remove it safely. If possible, remove the epoxy before it cures since it is much easier to remove while still soft.

Prevention is always better than fixing a problem. Wear gloves and keep a clean work area and you will likely avoid the problem of epoxy on the skin in the first place.

Best ways to remove epoxy resin from skin 

Whatever epoxy resin you may be using, it’s best to remove any epoxy on your skin before it cures.

Simple is best. Warm soapy water will likely work in most cases. Wet a cloth and remove the epoxy off your skin a little at a time.

Citrus to the rescue: Citrus-based hand cleaners also work well to remove epoxy from skin. Apply the citrus-based cleaner to the affected area, allow it to soften the epoxy for a few seconds, then gently scrub the epoxy away with a cloth. As some epoxy begins to soften and flake off, wash it away under running water and repeat the process until it’s gone. If the skin is irritated after cleaning, try some lotion or skin cream.

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How to remove epoxy paint from skin 

Removing epoxy paint from skin is much the same as removing adhesives. Try soap and water first and if not successful, try citrus-based hand cleaner. Avoid the temptation to try harsh chemicals such as paint thinner, acetone, denatured alcohol, or methylene chloride. While these may remove the epoxy paint from your skin more quickly, they may also be harmful to your health and will irritate the skin.

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