Super glue liquid: The perfect fix for many repairs around the house

When you’re in a fix, super glue liquid is the product to depend on. It dries fast and is super strong. Learn which one to choose in this article.

Super glue liquid: the basics

Fast drying and exceptionally strong bonds are the hallmarks of super glue liquid. Because it works on so many different types of products, you'll want to have it available for all your DIY home repairs.

It works perfectly with many materials, including paper, wood, cardboard, leather, ceramics, hard plastics, rubber, and much more. 

However, “one size fits all” no longer applies to these adhesives. There are various liquid super glues for many applications. 

LePage super glue liquid is the perfect choice for repairing ceramics

The latest advances in super glue liquids

Times have changed, and so have super glue liquids. New glue technology lets them function in many environments and produce super holds on just about everything.   

Whether you need to fill a gap or repair flexible plastic, specialized products will help you. Various super glue liquid formulas have been developed for special circumstances.

Some super glue liquids remain flexible, while others create extremely rigid bonds. Some work in hot and cold environments, or other extreme conditions. Others feature extended working time so you can get the positioning of your parts just right. 

So, take your time to find the glue that best suits your job characteristics and the materials to be bonded.

Super glue liquid delivery and application have also improved. You want a precise and non-messy application of the glue. You’ll find a variety of packages and applicators to make your job easier.

Super glue liquid: how to make expert repairs 

As with any DIY job, the surfaces you’re working with dictate your repair techniques. 

Follow this procedure:

  1. Work on a clean surface and prepare the areas you are gluing first.
  2. Roughen up the surfaces to be glued with a fine-grit sandpaper first to maximize adhesion.
  3. Open your glue container and break any seals.
  4. Apply a little glue to paper first to check the squeeze pressure required.
  5. Apply the glue to one of the surfaces.
  6. Press together the surfaces to be glued and hold them in place for the length of time indicated in the instructions.
  7. Replace the cap on the glue container and store it away for next time.
  8. Set glued products aside and let them cure. 
  9. You can use a hairdryer to heat the bond and accelerate the curing process.

Congratulations! You’ve just made a super-strong repair.

Apply super glue liquid, then press the parts together for a nearly instant repair

How to choose the right super glue liquid

You need to consider the types of surfaces you are bonding when choosing the right glue. The environment the product will be used in, the stress it will endure, and the surface porosity determine which super glue is best for you.

LePage Super Liquid Pro works faster and holds stronger on more surfaces than ordinary instant adhesives thanks to a patented additive. It sets in seconds and forms an unusually strong bond.

For repairs that will be subject to a lot of moisture, check out LePage Super Glue Ultra Liquid Control. It is dishwasher safe and resistant to water and freezing temperatures. This powerful little glue comes in a patented side-squeeze design for maximum control, meaning less mess and more fun!

If you need a strong bond that will stay flexible, try LePage’s Ultra Gel Control Super Glue. It’s rubber toughened and stays flexible, is highly water resistant and can be used indoors or out. This product dries fast and doesn’t require clamping in most cases.

Check out this video to see just how strong our liquid super glue is—you won’t believe it!