Become a caulk gun master

From Loading To Application: How To Use A Caulk Gun

If you’re a homeowner, you have to know how to use a caulk gun to fix those gaps and cracks around the house. Keep your counter seams and bath fixtures looking fresh and clean with a great caulking job. Using a caulk gun to apply sealant is not rocket science. We’ll tell you how it’s done!

How to Use a Caulk Gun And Prepare The Sealant

  1. Before you get started, get yourself a quality caulk that is right for the job you have in mind.
  2. Most caulk guns have a hole at the handle just behind the trigger which you can use to cut the sealant tip off. Insert the sealant tube into the small hole at the back of the gun, press the trigger, and nip the tip of the tube. 
  3. Most caulk guns also have a poker or a small sharp stick attached at the front end which you can swivel and insert into the sealant tube after nipping off the tip. The purpose of jabbing the sealant tube is to make sure the caulk will flow freely through the tube. If the caulk gun doesn’t have a hole or a sharp stick, use a utility knife to cut off the tip and a long nail to break the seal.

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How To Load A Caulk Gun

Now that you have selected the best sealant for your job, you’ll need to know how to load a caulk gun. Just follow these easy steps.

Step 1.
Squeeze the caulk gun trigger and pull the plunger outwards. With some models, you can just manually pull out the steel rod connected to the frame with your hands.

Step 2.
Once the rod is completely withdrawn, place the caulk tube into the load chamber or frame. Make sure the sealant tip is protruding past the muzzle or ring.

Step 3.
Release the plunger or rod back into the barrel and squeeze the trigger until you get a firm grip on the sealant tube.

How To Apply Sealant

  1. Find a piece of paper or cloth to practice your new skill on.
  2. Position the caulk gun nozzle at a 45-degree angle, in a downward direction, and slowly press the trigger. 
  3. When squeezing the trigger, steadily move the caulk gun to let the sealant out evenly. 
  4. You should prepare the area where you want to apply the sealant by scraping off the old sealant with a knife. Then clean the surface with disinfectant.
  5. Once you've cleaned up and the spot has dried, you can apply the caulk to the seams just like you practiced on the piece of paper. Remember, gently pull the trigger and place the gun at a 45-degree angle to avoid surplus caulk.

Did you know you can reach your wall corners much more easily using a caulk gun? Not to mention it will save you a lot of energy and prevent the use of stepladders.

FAQs: How To Apply Sealant

How do I apply silicone on a wet surface?

It isn’t advisable to apply silicone sealant on a wet surface. If water is trapped between the sealant and the surface, it can cause the surface to rot and the sealant may not adhere properly. When applying sealant in the bathroom or kitchen, use a sealant designed to withstand water after application. It will also allow you to dip your fingers in water and apply soft pressure to smooth the sealant.
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Can I paint a sealant after application?

First check that the product you are using can, in fact, be painted, as some sealants will not allow paint to stick. There are special paintable caulks available, such as the LePage Removable Weather Stripping sealant, which create a watertight seal and can withstand moisture only 2 hours after application. Be sure to check the product description and wait for the caulk to dry before you apply paint.


Useful Tips: How To Use A Caulk Gun

Now that you know how to load a caulk gun and apply the sealant, you’re probably looking for a few tricks to make your job easier. Check out some of these simple hacks on how to apply silicone caulk:

  • When applying the sealer upside down, stick a thick rubber band around the caulk gun to prevent the sealant tube from falling out. 
  • To avoid the sealant from dripping, release the trigger just before you’re done with the seam. 
  • If you press the trigger and no sealant comes out, let go off the trigger, wait for a few seconds, and press again.
  • Apply masking tape above and below the seams before you apply the sealer to help ensure a perfect seal every time!  


You want seal your kitchen or caulk a bathtub? Watch this video to see how to apply sealer working on your household projects.