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Caulking kitchen sinks: A critical DIY repair everyone should know

Caulking kitchen sinks is an easy repair to master to make your kitchen and bathroom look shiny and new. Find out which products work best and are the easiest to apply.

Caulking kitchen sinks: Why you need to know how

Caulking kitchen and bathroom sinks is a quick and easy repair to master for DIYers of any skill level. The caulking around these sinks stops water from leaking around the rim of the sink and damaging your countertops or entering the cabinet space under your sinks. This joint can get brittle and stain from mildew over time.

Waterproof caulk is most commonly used in caulking around sinks because it is flexible, will stand up to many cleanings, and will keep your sink areas looking fabulous for years. Caulking bathroom sinks properly works great for any countertop surface and can be completed in minutes to keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh. Don’t keep scrubbing it, replace it.

Sealing around a kitchen sink: Tricks and tips

  • Prepare the surface or joint for application by completely removing any old caulking or silicone using a utility knife, putty knife, or special removal solvent.
  • Clean the area thoroughly and allow to completely dry.
  • Cut the nozzle of the tube of sealant at a 45-degree angle as close to the tip as possible. (You can always make the hole bigger by trimming the tip further, depending on the size of the joint.)


  • Puncture seal on cartridge.
  • Insert the sealant tube into a quality caulking gun, preferably one with dripless handle release.


  • Apply a continuous bead of sealant, evenly distributed by firmly pressing the sealant into the joint.
  • Tool the bead, either using a damp finger or specialty tool, depending on the width of the joint, to ensure even distribution and adhesion to the substrate on both sides of the joint.
  • Let the caulking around your kitchen sink completely dry for a minimum of two hours. (Check for the cure times printed on the tube.)

Silicone around your sink for best results

LePage has a variety of products for caulking kitchen sinks, but not all waterproof caulks are the same; quality matters in selecting materials for caulking around kitchen sinks in your home. Check out LePage’s 2in1 Seal & Bond, Kitchen & Bath professional-grade caulk, with its advanced formula, to ensure maximum flexibility and mildew resistance. Not only will this powerful sealant keep your sink looking like new, it will also prevent future movement cracks with its strong bonding capabilities!

LePage’s 2 in 1 Seal & Bond Kitchen & Bath Express Silicone is an excellent product to use for interior tub and shower applications. It is mildew resistant and will keep your bathtubs and showers watertight. This product is easy to apply for DIYers of any skill level.

For smaller areas, and for anyone wanting the easiest fix possible, you have to use LePage RE-NEW. With no caulking gun required, this easy-to-use bottle is also the applicator – simply open, squeeze, and apply right on top of most existing sealants. That’s it, you’re done!

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