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Kitchen caulk: The simple solution for kitchens

Stop water and dirt from accumulating where you don’t want it. Kitchen caulk keeps your kitchen clean and prevents mold, mildew, and moisture damage.

The benefits of kitchen caulk

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in your house, so you’ll need a kitchen sealant that can stand the heat. Since activities like cooking and washing dishes create a lot of moisture, it’s no surprise that problems from dampness and mildew can occur. Kitchen caulk is ideal for protecting those areas. 

To block out moisture, use a kitchen sealant to fill gaps around the sink, between countertops and backsplashes, and anywhere water could be a problem. Kitchen caulk is a rubbery adhesive-type product that creates a strong bond between household materials and seals gaps where moisture can cause damage.

Using kitchen caulk correctly

Using kitchen caulk is not difficult, but you will want to apply it correctly for the best results. All you need is a standard caulk gun, some masking tape, gloves, and a caulk spreading tool (optional). Follow these simple steps:

Wash. The area needs to be free of dust and dirt to ensure a good seal. Remove any old caulk. Wash and dry the area before proceeding. 

Work safely. Protect your hands with gloves.

Mask-off. Use masking tape on each side of the gap or joint you plan to caulk.

Open the tube. Snip off the end of the tip of the caulking tube at a 45-degree angle to create an opening of about 3mm.

Apply. Use steady pressure on the trigger of the caulk gun to apply sealant along the seam or gap.

Smooth. Use a caulk tool or your finger to smooth out the bead of caulking immediately after applying it. Make sure the bead is smooth and there are no gaps in the caulk, then remove the masking tape. Let the sealant cure. 

Start with the best kitchen caulk

Wondering what is the best kitchen caulk? Not all kitchen sealants are created equal. Some will dry out and crack with time or the color will fade. Others are damaged by scrubbing or chemical cleaners. This means dust, mold, and mildew can settle and create moisture as well as aesthetic issues. 

LePage eliminates these problems with a range of products strong enough to do the job. They will also remain flexible, erasing cracking and shrinking. LePage 2 in 1 Seal & Bond Kitchen & Bath has the strength of an adhesive plus the flexibility of a sealant. It is mold and mildew resistant, paintable in 40 minutes, and water resistant, making it a perfect choice for your kitchen. 

If a silicone kitchen sealant is required, try LePage 2 in 1 Seal & Bond Kitchen and Bath Express Silicone. It features the same adhesive qualities as the acrylic counterpart, but in a 2-hour, fast-dry silicone system. It’s also highly water resistant, remains flexible, and can withstand temperature extremes.