Love your new light fixture!

How to change a light fixture: Light up your life!

A quality light fixture can really bring out the best in a room. Why not take your efforts to the next level? Read on to find out how to change a light fixture and install a ceiling medallion so you can really showcase your new light! It’s easier than you think, plus it’s an affordable way to add class and sophistication to any room. 

How to install a ceiling medallion: A step-by-step guide

When it comes to ceiling medallions, you have a lot of choices. A few simple rules of thumb can help you decide which one you want:

  1. The new medallion should reflect the size of your room: the bigger the room, the bigger the ceiling medallion.
  2. Keep the light fixture pattern and design in mind as you may want it to match the medallion. Also, consider any design work on your ceiling and walls as this can contrast the pattern on the new ceiling medallion.
  3. Ceiling medallions come in a wide variety of materials, from metal to plastic. Know what you’re comfortable working with and go from there.

Steps to install your new ceiling medallion:

  • Medallion painting. If you want to paint your medallion to match your ceiling, it’s much easier do so before installing it. Most paints will work, but a quality spray paint is a great way to quickly coat your new fixture. Apply a light initial coat and allow to dry for about an hour in a well-ventilated space. Apply a second coat to ensure no spots have bled through and that you have a deep rich colour all over.

Don’t be afraid to use a fine-tip paintbrush and apply different colours to highlight the patterns or designs you like!

  • Out with the old. First, turn off the power — at the breaker box, not just at the light switch! Then, you can uninstall the existing light fixture and mounting brackets.
  • Medallion prep. Now that the paint has dried, flip the medallion over and apply an adhesive to the underside. The key here is to ensure the adhesive is suitable for both the ceiling and medallion material. Do not apply too much, as we want to avoid excess adhesive spilling out the sides after installation. If your new medallion came with pre-drilled screw holes, that’s great; if not, you may want to consider drilling in some screw holes before adding the adhesive.
  • Secure the medallion. When ready, press the medallion in place on the ceiling and drive in the screws. Be sure not to interfere with any of the associated wiring for your light fixture. Using a sealant, apply a thin bead around the outer edge of the newly installed medallion to fill out any gaps between the base and the ceiling. Smooth the sealer as necessary.
  • Finishing touches. Fill in the screw holes (if any) with spackle and paint over them once dry.

How to install a ceiling light

Now that you have the medallion in place, it’s time to take the final step and hang the light fixture. But, before you install it, first consider how much clearance you wish to have under the light. Many lights come with an adjustable chain, making things easier for you.

Double check to ensure your power is still turned off before proceeding. First, partly screw the light fixture into the mounting bracket through the main hole in the center of the medallion. Next, connect the wires and fully screw the light to the mounting bracket, carefully tucking in the wires. To prevent falls and drops, have someone else hold the light fixture while you attach it.

How to change a light fixture: Which products are best?

There are two products you will need to master this DIY project. The first is a premium adhesive that will snugly hold your new medallion to the ceiling. LePage PL Premium Construction Adhesive is a great choice because it offers twice the coverage of conventional adhesives.

To seal the edges of your medallion, go for a product like LePage PL Heavy Duty Sealant, a versatile premium sealant that is easy to use and provides a seal for the ages.