Gluing is the new drilling.

Learn how to hang a mirror on a wall without nails

Ever wondered how to hang a mirror on a wall without nails or screws? It’s easy. Just follow the guidelines in this article and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Can you install a bathroom mirror without drilling?

The simple answer is, of course, yes. To hang a mirror without holes, all you need is the right glue. If you’ve ever tried drilling into wall tiles, you know it’s not that simple. You need a special drill bit or you risk shattering the tile, because some ceramic tiles are as tough as steel.

By using the right glue and the correct technique, you’ll have that mirror put up in no time.

How to hang a mirror on tiles without drilling

First of all, you need to get everything together to do the job, including:

  • A spirit level
  • A marker pen (not permanent; one you can wipe off)
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Nitryl or latex gloves
  • Temporary support blocks of wood
  • Adhesive and a caulking gun

Once you have everything at hand, you’ll need to do one last safety check before you can get to work.

  1. Prepare the area where the mirror is to be fixed. Place the mirror against the wall in the position you want it in and mark the corners onto the tile (you may need help with this). Make sure the mirror is level. Tape may be used for this purpose if you prefer.
  2. Check that the tiles are sound. Tap them to see if any sound hollow. You cannot glue onto loose tiles, so if any are, you will need to address this before going any further.
  3. Thoroughly clean the wall tiles. Make sure there is no grease or moisture on there. Leave to dry before fixing the mirror.
  4. Apply the glue to the mirror in staggered strips, keeping 5cm from the edge.
  5. Place the mirror against the wall and check again that it is level. Then firmly press in place all around using a dry cloth or towel. A good glue will grab straight away, but you will have some time to adjust the position.
  6. If there is no backsplash to sit on, you will need to use wood blocks as temporary support, either off the sink or off the floor.
  7. Use the tape to hold the corners in place.
  8. After 24 hours, remove the tape and temporary supports.
  9. Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner and pack everything away. Clean tools and adhesive residue immediately with mineral spirits.

Voila! You now have a wall mirror in your bathroom with no drilling required.

Before you fix your mirror, you need to check its construction. Some mirrors are highly polished metal or acrylic, some are glass with silver coating, and some are copper electroplated. This will determine which glue you can use.

The best adhesive to hang a mirror without holes

You may consider using LePage PL 610 Mirror Construction Adhesive, which is a high-performance adhesive formulated especially for mounting mirrors. However, it is formulated for use on copper electroplated mirrors and only with a securely mounted permanent support system. 

LePage PL Premium Fast Grab, on the other hand, bonds to most common construction materials, including ceramic tiles, marble, granite, glass, and metal. Because of its high initial tack properties (4x better than other polyurethane adhesives) and its high strength when fully cured, it is ideal for vertical applications, such as fixing a mirror. Being virtually VOC free, it is completely odorless, so it works well in an enclosed bathroom.

IMPORTANT: Before hanging your mirror, be sure to confirm the adhesive works with the mirror material you’ve selected, especially the backing. Not all adhesives work with all mirrors. 

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