Give screws the blues!

How to install a towel bar: No more screwing around!

Your towel bar has crashed to the floor yet again. Knowing how to install a towel bar with adhesive will save you time and money when screws and anchors fail. Find out how here.

Why you need to know how to install a towel bar

Knowing how to install a towel rack correctly in any situation is important to keep it firmly affixed to the wall without becoming loose after multiple uses. Drywall anchors fail over time and opening the wall to install backing is a time-consuming process. 

To make matters worse, studs and backing do not always line up with where you want your towel bar to go. Concrete, ceramic tile and glass are difficult to drill and anchor to, but learning how to install a towel bar on drywall, as well as a variety of other surfaces, using adhesives will save you hours of installation time.

How high do I hang a towel bar? Most towel bars and rings should be placed 1.2m up from the floor to be comfortable for adults. For children, you are looking at 0.9m up from the floor.

How to remove the old towel bar

Follow these steps to quickly remove your old towel bar without causing further damage to the wall.

  1. Out with the old: Remove any screws holding the rack in place — usually along the bottom of the rack. Tilt the rack towards the wall and lift to gently pull it away. You may need a small Allen key.
  2. Pull the screws: Remove the wall screws and drywall anchors (if any) carefully, so you don’t create a larger hole in the wall. 
  3. Patch it up: Patch up the holes using a drywall compound, allow to dry and sand down flush to the wall.
  4. Paint: If your new rack doesn’t cover the old holes, paint them and allow to dry.

Tips on hanging a towel rack in your bathroom

  1. Prepare the mounting surface and mounting bracket by cleaning both with acetone and allow to fully dry. Do not touch either surface with your hands or fingers after cleaning.
  2. Mark the location of the mounting brackets using a pencil.
  3. Cut the adhesive tape to the maximum length of the mounting bracket and press the double-sided tape firmly onto the wall in the proper location. Hold for ten seconds.
  4. Remove protective film from the tape and press the mounting bracket firmly onto the tape.
  5. Allow to set for 24 hours before installing the towel bar to the brackets and loading with weight.

Interesting fact: Your towel bar is one of the top ten things you touch every day in your home.

How to put a towel rack on the wall

For items that get a lot of use around the home, like a towel rack, there is no time to mess around with cheap tape and temporary fixes. Do it right the first time with a high-quality adhesive and save the hassle of repairs down the road. LePage has a high-strength double-sided adhesive tape for towel bar installation.

Check out our No More Nails Heavy Duty Mounting Tape that will keep your towel bar in place when screws are not an option. This is your new go-to tape roll that can hold up to 50kg, so you know it can handle your wet towels!

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