Clear advantages

Clear epoxy glues: One is right for you

When a high-performance, transparent adhesive is needed, clear epoxy glue is the bond for you. It is super strong, fills gaps and cracks, and nearly invisible. 

Clear epoxy glues—What are they?

Clear epoxy glues (also called clear resin glues) are among the strongest and most adaptable adhesives. We’ll discuss the two-part epoxy adhesives here. Syringes are used for measuring out equal volumes of hardener and resin. When mixed, they form a high-strength polymer. Chemical and heat resistant, these epoxy glues dry clear and create a durable, long-lasting bond.

How to use clear epoxy adhesives

Two-part epoxy adhesive is typically mixed on a disposable mixing sheet (like a piece of plastic). You will need a utility knife to open the tubes and a stirring stick or putty knife to mix the two components.

Always work safely. Wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area when mixing epoxy glues. The surfaces must be clean and dry. Sand glossy or polished surfaces and wipe away the dust to ensure a good bond. If working with ceramic surfaces, use soapy water to clean and then let dry thoroughly.

Mix epoxy. Remove the syringe from the box and snip off the ends of each side. Pull back and then press the plunger slightly to release any air bubbles. Now dispense equal amounts of resin and hardener on your prepared mixing surface and thoroughly blend them together. Wipe off the ends of the syringe and recap with the plug.

Next, apply a small amount of clear epoxy glue to each surface. Press surfaces together and allow the epoxy to set. Support the structure while curing. Curing time varies, check manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean up: Once dry, cut away any excess epoxy with a utility knife and clean up all surfaces. Paint thinner may be useful in cleaning up and softening any excess epoxy. Acetone is another option, but keep in mind it is flammable and that it may not necessarily be compatible with all surfaces. Always test it on a small area before use. Wash your hands when finished.

Finding the right clear epoxy glue

With so many adhesives available, you will want to make an educated choice. Clear epoxy glue is perfect when you want to minimize visibility of the repair without sacrificing glue strength!

LePage Speed Set Epoxy works great for bonding materials like wood, metal, glass, many rigid plastics, ceramics, and more. It can also be used for laminating surfaces and repairing cracks or minor surface gaps. Also, it is resistant to water and most solvents, making it a great all-around choice.

Worried about drips? Reach for LePage Gel Epoxy. This two-part adhesive won’t drip and is specifically formulated for all your vertical and overhead DIY repair jobs. It dries quickly in six minutes and can be sanded, painted, and even drilled after it cures!