Moxie through epoxy

Metal epoxy: The perfect choice for metal repairs 

If you want to be a local DIY superhero, familiarize yourself with metal epoxy repairs. Read our guide on simple metal repairs and save money. Because Iron-Man beats Welding-Man, no contest!

Two-part metal epoxy: What you need to know

Resin and a hardener, mixed in equal parts, creates a heavy-duty epoxy adhesive. These components form an impressively strong bond that works on a variety of surfaces like metal, wood, or concrete. It is important to read the labels on each product carefully, as some may be specifically formulated to bond certain types of surfaces and not others.

The formula differs for each resin hardener mix, so it’s important to make yourself familiar with the surfaces you are working with. This helps to ensure you have the best epoxy for the metal in question.

Metal epoxy application

Super strong metal bonds are easily achieved by following these simple steps:

  1. Clean the surfaces you’re binding and roughen them a little with a fine grit sandpaper.
  2. Take your application syringe and snip off the tip.
  3. Expel excess air from the chamber while you tilt it up
  4. Squeeze the plunger to distribute the desired amount of resin and hardener onto a smooth, non-stick surface.
  5. Mix it well for approximately one to two minutes.
  6. Now apply a small amount of the mixed epoxy to both surfaces you’re bonding.
  7. Press the parts together and hold until set. Times will vary.
  8. Before using the object again, make sure the epoxy has cured.

If you spill some metal epoxy don’t despair: use acetone to wipe away any uncured product. Determine first if acetone is compatible with the surface you’re working with. A sharp knife can cut away any additional cured epoxy.

Metal epoxy adhesive: Selecting the best one

Fixing metal gates, repairing appliances, and tackling other basic jobs around the house requires a metal bonding epoxy such as LePage Speed Set Professional Epoxy. It’s perfect for bonding metal to wood, concrete, and glass. It’s also safe for appliances because it doesn’t conduct electricity, so you can bond metal to plastic as well!

LePage Marine Epoxy is the perfect choice for any application that is around or under water, such as pool items or boat repairs. It will even cure under water, creating a tough bond in only two hours! This premium epoxy cures to an off-white finish that can be sanded or machined, giving you the flexibility to use it on a multitude of surfaces.

LePage produces other great epoxies for metal as well, like Epoxy Steel. We give you the confidence to bond almost any two pieces of metal or metal to wood, concrete, or plastic. These epoxies are not affected by common solvents and are impact resistant as well. They’re safe to use around gasoline, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze, diesel fuel, motor oil and transmission fluid, because these will have no effect on the strength of the bond.