How to use epoxy right!

How to use epoxy: Indispensable for many DIY projects

Do you have a repair project and your regular glue is not up to the job? In that case, knowing how to use epoxy properly is crucial. Find out when epoxy is the correct adhesive to try.

Why you need to know how to use epoxy

Knowing how to use epoxy is important, because it may be the only type of adhesive that works for your repair. The other benefit of learning how to use epoxy is that it will make your restorations waterproof and any residual glue can be sanded to create an invisible repair. Fix broken plastic, metal or wood parts in seconds by becoming an expert on epoxy glue. 

Epoxy glues are now easier to use than ever with a range of self-mixing applicators. Be aware, to remove them, you must either sand them down or scrape them away.

Does epoxy work everywhere?

Epoxy is an adhesive used to bond metal, wood, ceramic, or plastic pieces together. It forms the strongest bonds of any glue products, due to the epoxide chemical reactive process. Epoxy even comes in different set times so parts can be manipulated for longer before bonding together. It is a versatile product and learning how to use epoxy properly will increase the scope of your DIY repairs. 

Tips on learning how to use epoxy

  1. Place the item you are repairing on a well-lit, ventilated, flat, clean, non-plastic surface.
  2. Be sure to read the instructions on the package for mixing procedures and safety precautions.
  3. Clean the parts you will be repairing with isopropyl alcohol to remove any residues and then allow to dry.
  4. Sand the parts with fine sandpaper, if necessary, to remove any grit or flaking, broken edges.
  5. Gloves and eye protection are recommended.
  6. Mix the two-part epoxy hardening agent and resin together in the correct proportions as shown in the directions and apply a light coat of epoxy to both sides of the repair. 
  7. Hold the pieces together for a minimum of five minutes or clamp together depending on size.
  8. Let the epoxy cure for a minimum of two hours, depending on the epoxy used, before reinstalling or using the part.

The right epoxy glue for you

LePage has some great two-part epoxy products. Check out our Speed Set Instant Mix Epoxy with its easy use, self-mixing applicator and five-minute set and one-hour cure time. The two reactive agents are separated, so it doesn’t harden after use. This product can be used on a wide range of materials and doubles as a gap filler!

For your metal and concrete-based projects, Lepage has the premium Epoxy Steel, specially blended for steel and concrete applications. It dries grey to hide the repair and is formulated to create high strength bonds. This high-quality epoxy won’t shrink or expand and does not conduct electricity, making it perfect for sealing electrical components near the pool and patio.