Concrete evidence—these glues work!

Epoxy resin for concrete: Get the facts!

Epoxy resin for concrete ensures a strong long-lasting bond. Get all the pointers you’ll need with our two-part concrete epoxy guide.

An overview of concrete epoxy adhesives

When you need to fill, bond, or repair a concrete surface, epoxy resin for concrete is the way to go. But you must use it correctly for it to create a strong adhesion. Two-part epoxies involve mixing a resin and hardener together in equal amounts to get the necessary chemical reaction. 

The right epoxy resin for concrete is essential for your project

To determine which epoxy glue for concrete to use, find out what materials the glue will come into contact with. Will it be out in the elements? Will it be subject to water or moisture on a regular basis? Will it need to be drilled or machined when dry? What temperatures will it be exposed to? Check the manufacturer’s information to make sure the two-part concrete epoxy you choose can withstand those conditions. 

You’ll find LePage Speed Set Professional Epoxy Glue to be a versatile adhesive. It bonds to many materials, produces a durable bond in just minutes, and will not shrink. It’s great for gap bonding, surface repairs, and more. 

For projects that are subjected to water emersion, try LePage Marine Epoxy. This two-part epoxy adhesive can be applied and cured underwater. It is ideal for repairing fiberglass watercrafts, pipes, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

A guide to using two-part epoxy adhesive for concrete


First, gather all the necessary tools and supplies. Besides the concrete epoxy adhesive, you will need the following:

  • Tools and supplies. You will need a disposable mixing surface, a utility knife, and a mixing tool or putty knife to mix and apply the epoxy. 
  • Safety first. Work in a well-ventilated area and always wear gloves to avoid getting epoxy on your skin.
  • Preparation. Clean and dry surfaces. Glossy surfaces should be sanded and wiped clean. Wash glass or ceramics with soapy water and then dry. Make sure all parts fit together snuggly before proceeding.
  • Mix the two-part concrete epoxy. Use a knife or snips to cut off the ends of the syringes contained in the epoxy glue for concrete kit. Expel any air in the syringe by slightly depressing the plunger.
  • Dispense resin and hardener in equal amounts onto your disposable surface. Mix thoroughly. Next, apply the resin to both surfaces and press together and hold until set. Remove excess epoxy before it dries.
  • Allow epoxy to cure. Make sure the repaired object cannot move while the two-part concrete epoxy is curing. Use a support or brace appropriate to the project.
  • Remove excess epoxy. Use acetone if needed to clean up any adhesive before it sets. A utility knife can be used to scrape it away if it has already set. (Always test a small area with acetone before using to make sure it doesn’t damage the surface.)

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